NextCloud server question

Hey @vasileios, I know the requirements for a local hosted Nextcloud say SSD, what happens if you try to load it on an HDD instead?

Hey @MacksM3!
My apologies for the delayed response. It’s one of the forum cases where posts slip without me getting any notifications. We’re filing a bug on it as it has gone on long enough.

The short answer is no, you won’t have much trouble, other than a bit of a slowed-down performance when you perform major syncs during the random times NextCloud performs its own backup. I personally tested this to be true and yes, NextCloud has its own backup as well. :slight_smile:

Hey Vasileios,
I did buy an SSD for the project as I thought it would be a speed issue with HDD. Is the NextCloud backup on the same drive? or does it need a separate drive for backup storage?