NextCloud preferred?

Howdy - I am not here as much since we lost Mr. V. I was wondering if there was now a “preferred” all-in-one solution to NextCloud or is that still the preferred one? I am finally at a point health-wise to get back to setting it up - however the video that Mr. V provided is nowhere to be found on the LFB site. There a bunch of untitled lessons but I figured I would ask here before having to click on each of the unlabeled lessons trying to find it. TIA.

Just saw this … I have backed up some of this info was it from “062 - NextClowd Hub II” ? If I remember there was a pdf guide … will have to look if I still have a copy and here’s me wondering if may it was pulled cause …?

I have the pdf but there were some commands he did on the video that were not in the pdf. Thanks, though. good to hear from you again.

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Nextcloud is a solid platform. Very versatile and capable. Personally I run mine in a rasp pi that sits on my desk.

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Delta26, Are you using the NextCloudPi image?

I am new to this, but NextCloud looks like what we need to move our business onto our own servers and Linux.
You mention a pdf? Could you share that here or share it with me?

@MamaSauerkraut I will look to see where it is and if I find it, I will be more than happy to share a copy.

@MamaSauerkraut this system will not allow me to upload a PDF. I will work on getting it through.

Yes I am. That one seemed the most straightforward one since I was planning on installing it on a raspberry pi.

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