New to this - want to convert an older Mac Laptop

I am not sure where to start. I think I can learn pretty quick (been using computers since you had to program them yourself with basic - LOL) but would love some hand holding. I have an older Mac Laptop that I’ve been told will not update the next version of IOS. I’ve been following the Telegram channel for years, back since there were only like a few hundred folks. For some reason, when I have tried to comment, it says I am banned by admin? I’m pretty chill, so I can’t imagine why. LOL

I have a 2013 MacBook Pro that Apple declared obsolete. Set up as a dual boot and has run Linux Mint Cinnamon, Fedora Gnome, Manjaro KDE.

Mint recognised all the hardware, wifi, printers and was pretty much a seamless and delightful experience. It currently runs Manjaro KDE Plasma and is impressive perfomance wise, running high end resources and applications. Manjaro didn’t like the MacWifi and getting the printer working was a challenge as well. The speed of the system in Manjaro is worth the bother.
The original MacOS SSD is still intact so I have that filesysem and source files which I have converted to the Adobe FOSS equivalents replacing Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, LightRoom, Audio Editors and Final Cut Pro happily.

To start you need to change start-up drive at MAC power on. With a prepared USB stick (or burn a CD) containing a Live/Install ISO disk image to boot up. Once installed on a spare USB disk you will presented with a start-up prompt asking to choose Mac or Linux to run that session.

Try a few “Distro” flavours mentioned above (there are 100’s to choose from).

You should see results same day if you watch/read up on Linux Installation beforehand.

There are many articles here to help you start and WWW search is rich with example tutorials.

You will never look back. Apple made your beautiful Mac a brick. Linux will revitalise it to perform as the high end performance machine it was built to be.

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I have a MacBook Air and a MacBook Pro, both 2012/13. I started with the Air and set up a duel boot because I was afraid of screwing stuff up and also had no Linux background. I tried a few different distros but found I liked Zorin the best for performance and a Mac like feel. Zorin was no issue to install. Everything worked fine. Within a week of settling on Zorin, I wiped out the duel boot and went all in on the distro. No More Mac! My fear was unfounded as fear normally is.

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