New Computer - Checklist - Transferring Data, Programs, Email


I got a new computer, and am so excited to get things rolling on it, and am starting to think through what I need to do to get it up and running and get all my data, programs, emails etc.

Thought I would reach out to the team to see if we can build a “best practice” checklist for doing this. I would like to learn to do this quickly so that I can help others as they migrate through their first Linux computer to better machines.

For reference I will be migrating to a Dell laptop from a PC. I am running Zorin Pro and have it installed and ready on the laptop.

Below are some questions and thoughts for discussion and I would very much appreciate your experiences and best practices.

  1. How to you get all of the programs installed on the new computer without painstakingly installing each one individually?

  2. I am running backup and backing up my home folder. Is it simply a matter of copying that over to the new computer? I am using the Backups program that came with Zorin. Will it restore my files correctly? What if there are files related to the old computers technical configuration that I don’t want to restore to the new computer?

  3. Email. Will it come across with my home folder or do I need to backup and restore emails.

  4. VPNs Keys, Etc. What is best practice for moving them.

Sorry for the dumb list and sorry if this has been asked and answered somewhere else. If so perhaps you can leave directions here so that I can find it.

Thanks for all you do, you are great!


Good Morning!!! Nestling…
The first thing I do after a new install… I’ve been trying a lot of different Distros lately…and fighting with “one” a lot for the last week…is to:

  1. check for updates and set the fastest repository mirror
  2. Enable the Firewall… By default the UFW firewall is installed but disabled on most Distros

Since Zorin is based on Ubuntu this article may help out a lot with the other things your looking for…
Good Luck with your journey my friend! :sunglasses:

Hello I.B.Lurkmore,
New member, new Linux user, here. Installed Ubuntu last week. Thanks for the suggestions and the article link. Looks like it is a great place to start to learn more about what needs to be/can be done. Has been quite the learning experience so far. Great to be free from Big Tech.

I hope you have a great weekend! :blush:

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