New BraX2 De-Googled phone by Rob Braxman

Rob Braxman just unveiled his new phone. He partnered with a Chinese OEM.

Midlevel phone priced at $379. Here’s what I gathered from his video (linked below).

Similar in size to Pixel 4 XL
OS: AOSP (Android Open Source)
128 GB
Dual SIM (or use one SIM slot for additional memory)
Rear Cam: 48K pixels
Front Cam: 12K pixels
Battery: 4,500 mAH
Over the air upgradable (even major OS versions)
Authentication: Face recognition, Fingerprint or Pattern
Comes with case

No headphone jack. Single USB-C jack.
No wireless charging
No CDMA (will not work with Verizon. Works with every other carrier worldwide)

I may have missed something so please see the linked video below.

Live - BraX2 Phone is Here! De-Googled Spyless Phone


Watched this too, might just be the ticket for me. He also said he shouldn’t have to much problem getting them. It’s new and it’s made for what we need hardware wise as far as I can tell and it’s affordable too. Think I’ll give it a shot.

:+1: Please do post your experience with it. I’m also considering purchasing it once I’m done setting up my desktop environment.

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Yes, will do @Midline One reason I was going this way, I just got my Mac reset up after trying a couple other distros. I inquired about doing a phone with a Linux set up and was told they recommend Manjaro, dang, that’s not the one I am using. So this happened to come up at the same time. So that’s where I am heading and as someone who watches his videos, I trust him. Don’t think that’s misplaced :crossed_fingers: