Need to get to root level to fix privileges for accessing a thumb drive with Lucky Backup

I have two Mint laptops. A small one (64gb hd) I learned on, and a regular one that we converted to Linux. The small one I want to use Lucky Backup to a 128gb thumb drive. I already used Timeshift for the system files and now need to do the user files. In Lucky Backup when adding the task, the destination choice doesn’t recognize the thumb drive, even though it can be seen in the “Files” window, and I successfully backed up a Timeshift snapshot to it. I had no problem doing this on the regular laptop (to an external 2T hard drive) and we’ve been running it for months on both utilities.

I’m told by a user elsewhere that I must not have root privileges on this laptop. I don’t totally understand why I don’t since I did the install of Linux on this one (maybe a rookie mistake, I don’t know). But apparently I need to fix this so that Lucky will recognize the thumb drive and allow it to be a destination choice.

I see I can reboot into recovery mode, per other forum answers but I haven’t found an answer on how to check the root so that my wife (the user) can have privileges to access the thumb drive from Lucky Backup. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

I don’t know if this will help, however it might lead to discovery.

Can you list the permissions of the directories where the drive gets mounted? I am thinking that you might have an access control list and it is not setup for access except for root. Can you copy a regular file there? Can you use sudo and do the same?
What I am looking for with ACL would show up like: drwxr-x—+ That + at the end means an ACL.

Here you can see using ‘getfacl’ to see the attributes for directories:
#getfacl /media

owner: root

group: root


I could be way off base, but that really seems to me to be a permissions issue with the mount point.

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I can copy a regular file there. Last night I created a folder on the thumb drive for the “home folder” and then I selected all the folders in the laptop’s home folder and dragged them over. No problem copying them.

I was an assuming you were suggesting terminal commands with the #getfacl /media you mentioned but that didn’t give me any results. Just another open command prompt line.

Well David, I sorta live for command line :smiley:

My use of /media was an example. You can use the director(y)(ies) that would equate to the mount point of the thumb drive on your system. It would seem that it was perhaps not the best idea.

Looking over your posts, I am beginning to wonder if it is an issue with Lucky Backup itself. I have never heard of the program. For my backups I have a shell script that does it for me using regular old tar and gzip, setup as executable from a mouse click.

@DavidBorrink , it’s possible that @mcron’s suggestion that Lucky Backup itself has a problem, could be the answer.

I’m having trouble with LB now, too.

Here’s one possiblility:

So if LB development/debugging stopped quite some time ago, I wonder if it’s time for us to find an LB replacement.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a Lucky Backup replacement app?

I use good old dump & restore with a script which figures out whether to do a full, incremental since the last full or incremental of the last incremental. I’ve used TimeShift and included my home directory, but that gets out of hand quickly regarding storage for /timeshift.

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I’m impressed, @Narcosis.

As for me, I’m still at the GUI stage in Linux-land. :blush: