Need help adding ADB and fastboot to my laptp

I would like to put the Linage OS on my Nexus 7 but need to load adb and fastboot to my laptop, I have downloaded and extracted the suggested program but am stuck installing it. I need to know what is meant
in step 3.
3. Add the following to ~/.profile:

if [ -d "$HOME/adb-fastboot/platform-tools" ] ; then
 export PATH="$HOME/adb-fastboot/platform-tools:$PATH"

Thanks in advance

Basically that command adds adb and fastboot to your known executables. It informs the terminal command line that it can launch adb or fastboot from that directory. The install process for LineageOs is all command line for now so it is good to learn how your terminal works.


I found it easier to run ‘sudo apt install adb fastboot’ and it took care of everything for me.

from there the installation follows script perfectly.

LineageOS is a cool upgrade for your fone.

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I followed your suggestion to install adb/fastboot and all went well. I’m currently attempting to install LineageOS onto my Google Nexus 7 tablet, but am stuck at the point of installing the recovery.img file as when I followed the instruction the boot.img file was sent instead and the tablet has been in this stage for an hour (see pic). I’m not sure what to do now.

Did you sort this out?
I expect exiting and re-sending the correct img would fix things?
I think Shane has extensive degoogle experience and might be able to help.
Perhaps message him directly?

Thanks for the reply, I haven’t sorted it yet. I rebooted as normal and it started ok. I will check the link for Shane’s summary and contact him. Thanks again