Need a deg00gled/Linux phone that works with Srpint/T-Mobile able to operate some specifics. Looking for recommendations

Need something Sprint will carry, web browsing to watch podcasts (&YouTube :thinking:?), something similar to pandora, text ,messaging and calling capabilities, takes decent photos, GPS, email, and I currently use QuickBooks self employed app for my small business. I’d love to load telegram and maybe start Gab if that’s an option as an alternative to the current social media giants.

I’m very unprepared for this and become easily overwhelmed when I begin to research the right products for me. I’m hoping with this info I can get some direction and recommendations. Below is why I’m in this position. I want to be able to do the core daily functions as I work and run my business, without the heavy thumb of big tech and the Complete lack of privacy with an iPhone.

A few weeks ago I went for a repair on my iPhone 11. It was working but Hardly at all other than when it randomly chose functions in its own …serious glitching. At least it was turning on! But When the shop went to do the repair and I refused the iOS 15 update, he stopped the process, stuck on Apple screen and haven’t been able to access the system since. Computer won’t read it and I’ve been in able to retrieve my data. I fortunately have an iPad wIt’s most Everything there So hopefully I’ll be able to unload that into an external hard drive.

I have recently purchased two phones from
You might have seen Rob Braxman Tech channel on YouTube. He does sell degoogled phones that work. These phones are listed as being usable on all major US carriers. Linux phones are still in development but not ready yet, but converted to free and open software phones are available and are stable good phones. We got two degoogled google pixel 4 phones which are basically Android phones. So far so good on them!


I second @Paul’s comment. Rob Braxman’s store is a great place to start. If money is an issue, look at LineageOS, GrapheneOS, CalyxOS, and /e/OS. One of those should get you rolling if you have an Android phone.

If you have an iPhone, your best bet is to ditch it for a Rob Baxman phone, or a phone that you can put one of the aforementioned operating systems on.

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Thank you, both. I appreciate you taking the time to help

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