Navidrome, using group

I am trying to download Navidrome in Ubuntu. I am following the instructions given but ran into a roadblock with the group to run Navidrome under. Do I create a group for this? If so can someone give me these instructions? Is there a command to find the groups I have under my username? Thank you for any guidance/instructions you can provide.

Unfamiliar with Navidrome.
Which instruction are you following?
Provide the link so we can take a look at it.

The groups command in terminal will tell you what groups your user is in.

Basic format for adding a user to a group is(so long as the current user is in the sudo group:
sudo usermod -a -G group user

sudo usermod -a -G sudo peter would add the user peter to the sudo group.

Here in lies the problem. Such as on Debian a user is not automatically added to sudo group during install. In which case you need to use su - and provide admin/root password to switch to the root admin acct and then run the usermod -a -G sudo peter to add user peter to sudo group.

To create a group the root account can issue groupadd groupname or a user with sudo privileges can use the command sudo groupadd groupname

Hope this helps.