~My old Mum wants to play microsoft click games-help!

Hi guys & gals, thanks in advanced for your help!

My elderly mothers pc got smashed by latest windows update, to the point I couldn’t restore (shes terrible with pw’s & emails) So I installed latest version of Linux Mint and gave her back some sanity (aka Fb youtube) but she really has a thing about playing things like ‘cafeland’ and other click based games like that.
I’m basically looking for either android/windows emulator solutions that a) work on mint 20 & b) are very simple to use. I’ve been testing on my own laptop test machine I’m using to prep for my own main machine, but as I’ve been away from the Dos type environment for a long time it’s all becoming a headache at this point,not to mention the requests of my mother lol. I cant convince her to play anything else,especially if it has keys involved.
Any help to guide me towards a very non tech user setup would be much appreciated!
They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks isn’t true… I have an exception to the rule lol

A lot of those “click” games can be played in a browser on websites like kongregate.com.

Here is an old list of ways to play Android apps on her computer:

Keep in mind that Shashlik is no longer available.

Thankyou :slight_smile: Have set her up on an old tablet for the time being, shes happy enough lol

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