My M1 Mac Running Asahi - at the end of my rope


I am at the end of my rope with my M1 Mac with Asahi Linux.

I wanted a Mac running linux. My son-in-law strongly recommended M1 and we were both unaware that only one distribution can run with an M1 Mac. I installed Asahi retaining a partition for Mac OS.

A few months ago, I attempted to go into the Mac OS partition. It failed to do so. Regrettably, in my state of alarm, I deleted the Asahi partition, in the hope that it would help solve the problem. It did not. Being remote from any Apple shop, Apple told me the charge for them to receive it upon delivery is $650. (!!!)

Apple phone support could not help. Attempted Mac OS install from a usb stick failed. I shipped the computer to my brother so he could give it to an Apple shop in his vicinity. They could not repair it. They said that they were unable to repartition the disk because Asahi linux used an encrypted partition.

Now, I am aware the root problem may be hardware. Regardless, the unit is fully non-functional in its present state.

I am even open to shipping it to an Asahi (or generic linux) “expert” to see if anything can be done.

I seem to be pretty much out of options with my cost being an M1 Mac machine that I bought used and used for perhaps 3 months total.

If anyone has any advice, I am all ears!

(Lastly, I also tried to open a thread in the Fedora-Asahi forum. I signed up but every time I try to log in I time out!)

Apologies if this further frustrates what already must be a frustrating situation, but most of the problems you cite seem to be attributable to user error. Respectfully said, of course.

Have you considered wiping everything off and starting over? Just an idea!

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Well, all I did was reboot and select the Mac partition, which it failed to go to.

I can’t do anything with the unit. After getting it back from my brother, now it displays an exclamation point and the text:

support . apple . com/mac/restore

I’ll also type it without the spaces so you can see what that returns.