My Linux Bucket List

Well I’m about two years in… and it just keeps getting better… Started the way most seem to find Linux. Looking for a better way to do the things that need to be done without having to throw good money at a bad contractor…you know the same outfit that wants you to pay for them to see every thing you are doing and profit from it in ways that can only be guessed at… rant over…

  1. find a way to fix my father’s old Dell and same all his old photos and files…Check!
  2. after boot-able Mint Cinnamon Usb rescue learn more about installing it …Check!
  3. replace old hard drive with new SSD and install Mint permanently … Check!
  4. spend a little time exploring and surfing the learning curve… Check!
  5. decide to up grade my Wife’s old Acer to Mint and start her on Libre Writer Check!

found Jeff Pro Forums…ht cmz…started lurking and picking up learning speed
was coping my farther’s old DVD’s of old family home movies that he had copied from 16mm film to VCR then to DVD… some dated back to the mid fifties…hit a snag and needed help… Joined…forums… this was a big step as I have not joined anything on the web since 2006 ish… did not trust anything on my windoze 7 laptop…but after learning linux a little decided to use dad’s old Dell to sign up…

Phase II

  1. after reading about degooging google pixel phones decided “I want one”
    started the research and the acquisition process… (wanted to go LMS-needed
    Telegram-did not have a “smart phone”)… Check!

  2. because I was still bouncing around the learning curve thought I needed Ubutu
    to flash pixel 4lx… so why not upgrade memory and put a bigger SSD in old
    Dell and set up dual boot…was not needed but glad I did… check!

    at this time Holidays started… my brother & wife came over and brought their
    old win-10 nightmare… I put “Mint” on it…then my Aunt… then my Niece…
    and so on… all installations from the same usb drive that started my journey.
    Ironically my Mother (where I get my stubborn streak from) was the last hold out…
    she thought I might lose something important…we should wait for Win-11…that
    will fix it…so knowing that it is easier to beg forgiveness than to get permission…
    when she went to visit my Sister in Oregon for Christmas … you know the rest.
    She is very happy now and was very pleased to find out Libra Writer opens old
    Word Perfect files …

  3. Got my degoog phone up and running! got “Telegraph” Check!
    (two more learning curves…)

  4. signed up for LMS… decided to go thru all the recorded workshops…
    brings me to here today…did all the live sessions and found that going thru
    the second time on the recordings added a lot to the overall experience… may
    even go back to some things again… still have the last two sessions to re-watch

    So where next? Hmmmmmm …VPN/VPS… take my Wife’s blog off wix and move
    it to said VPS …put Arch on a newer laptop… you know one build in the last 4 or
    5 years instead of 9+ years like we have now… got an old flatbed scanner made to
    scan photographic negatives with reverse engineered linux drivers waiting in
    the wings … redo security camera system… I refuse to route it thru chyna just to
    see it on the phone… system was only on line long enough to set up… then I pulled
    the plug… any way gotta go fix dinner cause I’m the cook…


Update…finished all the recorded classes yesterday… decided to celebrate …
Screenshot from fixed  2022-08-02 12-02-33
Guess I’ll tackle Arch next…

ok I’ll shut up now :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey @I.B.Lurkmore!
That is one amazing journey and most encouraging indeed! Congratulations on all your steps!

By the way, I’m in Oregon too.

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Love it. I am in the same boat. Can’t have enough Linux. I even call my grandson, Lynx, Linux by accident all the time. Lol!


Thanks @vasileios
Yes Sir, I look forward for the weekly “pantifa report” in the LMS live sessions … My Sister lives in Bend and used to do secretarial stuff for a collage there…bless her heart. Funny thing, her and my Brother-in-law’s youngest Son works for “mad willy gates” up in Redmond … his girlfriend, works for goog …
Oh well …you can pick your friends … but you don’t get to pick your relatives …
I’m using the “new” dell right now … it came with “Doze 10 pro” and I did not even let it boot … plugged in usb Manjaro KDE plasma to play with an Arch base distro a little to test the waters… this morning I took the old 250 Gb SSD that I started with in my Father’s old Dell, (it still has Mint Cinnamon 2.0 from my first install) mounted it into an inland 2.5 external SATA to USB 3.0 hard drive case and plugged it in, and I thought because it was USB it would boot right up … nothing … then I saw the “starting windoze” what ever thingy… and forced shutdown … went back to bios and saw that needed to put external drive up on the boot order… I learned that USB Jump drive and USB drive enclosures are a bit different. anyway, after that, it booted right up. Took me about 15 minutes to remember the old password, it’s been unused since I upgraded the Ol’Dell (about 6 months)… was a lot faster… and after about 30 minutes of software updates…was even better… so now my plan is to Install Manjaro into the 1-TbSSD drive (after cleaning out unopened widozepro) replace it with a newer 2-TbSSD and upgrade the memory from 16 to 32 Gbs and get another 3.1USB drive enclosure or maybe another old laptop…the idea of swapping hard drives from one computer to another with little to no problems is just mind boggling…
ps don’t mention anything bout another computer … if my wife is around… :wink:


@ GI
Got two of them critters myself… and two little Ladies…life starts out slow…ya turn around and it jumps into hyper-drive … and , well you know the rest :upside_down_face:

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