Music Player on LMDE4

I have LMDE running on my 32-bit Macbook Pro, and I’ve got everything working well except the music player. It plays fine through just the computer, but when I try to play through my Bose Soundlink Color 2 bluetooth speaker, it stutters and is unplayable. I have another Lenovo 64-bit that is running Linux Mint 20, and that plays fine through my speaker. I tried both Rhythmbox and Clementine players on LMDE and none worked. I also cleared all the bluetooth history from my speaker, I also turned off my wifi while I tried to play and nothing worked. Could it be an incorrect speaker driver issue or the player programs or just that a 32-bit computer can’t play through an external speaker? I’ve searched the Linux help forums and haven’t found anything that has solved my problem yet.

I’d appreciate any ideas from admin if possible.


Hello @Gr82blanda !

As it appears, it has to do with the version or the buffer of the BlueTooth. What you can do is open up a terminal on your MacBook Pro and type in the following:

sudo systemctl restart bluetooth

Then reconnect to your external speaker and try again.

This was one of the things I tried already but I tried again and it had no effect on the stuttering.

Okay, then let’s try to shift to a different Bluetooth manager. Open up a terminal and type:

sudo apt remove blueberry
sudo apt install blueman

And give it another shot. :slight_smile:

No effect at all! :pensive: :pensive:

Please have a look at the following article:

It might include entering some configuration files, but it’s described step by step.
The commands are the same.

I read the article, which didn’t help me much because it kept saying Ubuntu…but it got me thinking…Debian must be different. I was finally able to find this article on Debian Bluetooth connections. After doing the installs, it now plays smoothly! :clap: :laughing:

Perfect and congratulations! :+1:t3:

Ubuntu is based on Debian, so they have essentially the same command set.