Multiple MonitorsOn Ubuntu using usb video cards

I installed ubuntu 20.04LTS on an ASUS 17" laptop that used to run win7. I loaded my trading software using wine and it runs great. I am trying to set up multiple monitors using usb video cards from SABRENT, 3 cards running through a usb hub. When I plug my hub into computer, computer shuts down, claiming internal error. I’ve taken screen shots of the error details but it’s all Greek to me. No offence, Vasileois. This is my 2nd laptop I’ve done. The first recognized 2 of 3 external screens immediately, no issues. It’s a 13" laptop so I thought maybe it can’t read 3 of them. This is very long but any help would be appreciated. I have been trying to download an evdi driver but can’t seem to find a download for it. Lots of info, no download. Super beginner here.
evdi-dkms_1.9.1-1ubuntu4~20.04.1_all.deb I’m looking to download this driver. Having a hard time finding it.

USB graphics cards? I’m aware of Thunderbolt ones - which are more useful due to the extended bandwidth, but USB via a hub can seriously hinder performance. Also, is the hub self-powered or does it drag power from your laptop?