Moving everything from Mac to Linux

Any suggestions how easier and faster to move everything from Mac to Linux?
I mean pictures and docs?
Put everything on USB? Or there is other way?

When i was getting new computer i used to just back up everything on External disk (or whatever its called), and then everything was the same as from the old computer.

Now, i still have my original Mac, but already installed Budgie on another older Mac, used it for a few weeks now, getting more comfortable and getting ready to ditch Mac all together.

thank you

Hello again @Gdaiva!
It all depends if you only have it locally or on the iCloud. If it’s on iCloud, you can just download the files directly to your Linux via the web interface (for photos, it’s up to 1,000 per download pack).
Otherwise, you select all the photos in your photos app and select the export (at maximum quality) to a folder. Then, you connect an external drive (formatted as FAT32 or exFAT) and copy everything there. That drive you can then connect to your new Linux installation and copy it back. :slight_smile:

Do i need to format USB before i can do anything?
Correct me please, if im wrong, thank you

  1. Insert USB to my Mac
  2. Format to exFat
  3. Copy my files to USB
  4. Remove USB
  5. Insert USB to Linux machine
  6. Retrieve from USB
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Hey @Gdaiva!
When you first purchase a USB, it has a filesystem that is compatible with all operating systems. If you have it pre-formatted for other uses, then exFAT will be handy if your USB’s capacity is above 64GB. Otherwise, normal FAT (which is FAT32) will do.

The photos from a Mac will need an extra step or two. You can either select them all on the Photos app on your Mac and export them at maximum quality, or - if you have them on iCloud - you can login directly from your Linux system and download them (select packs of 1,000 photos or less at a time).

Other than that, the entire process you listed is 100% correct! :slight_smile:

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