Moving email account from cPanel to CyberPanel

Searching online, it seems all it takes to move an email account from cPanel to CyberPanel is to copy the specific account’s email directory to the directory in CyberPanel (with same email address).

After finally figured out how to copy the files into the /home/vmail/, it stopped working… For now I am going to recreate that email account so I can start over.

How does one move an email account from cPanel to CyberPanel?

There’s info on here what may help.

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@Phobos, that is exactly the page I was looking at. If only I know the commands for those instructions. I think I am spoiled by @vasileios’s very detailed tutorials and answers.

The first issues following those instructions (but I am going to take my time and figure it out one way or another) is:
Using Filezilla to transfer files: I’ve disabled root login so I can not get to the root directory to move files/directoy.

I tired scp but that also does not allow root access.

So I scp to the user account then move the files to the specific mail directory, my email app stopped working for this email account, will need to study more…

However, it came to me last night that since I am in full control over the account, I can save the emails locally and just move it back in the email app when I get the recreated account working. No need to drive myself crazy but would still love to know how to do it though…

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Hey @Ai!
On your FTP, at the same folder as the public_html is also the mail folder. Have you tried a copy (after you backup the existing directory)?

From FileZilla, I can get it to list what’s under “/” (with root dir under it) but can’t access the folder. Error msg:

Command: cd /home
Error: Directory /home: permission denied
Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing

I can only sign in using a user with super user privilege (had disabled root login) but no idea how I can “sudo su” myself to get down to the public_html folder.

Made a mess with the scp command but I am sure I also need to learn how the email file structure works. Wish I can just slap on 10 CPUs in my head. :sweat_smile:

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Normally, the / folder of Filezilla is the one prior to the mail area, not the actual root. I’ll have to go and check its permissions just to be sure. :smiley:
I just set up a couple of VM distros for tomorrow’s Workshop, so I got a bit distracted. I’m also going to put up a small tutorial here, so that people avoid having filesystem errors, in case they have to do hard resets.

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DONE! I moved all the domains and all the email accounts into CyberPanel! Thank you, @vasileios, could not have done it without your help! :nerd_face: :pray: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The instructions @Phobos and I found was not too helpful to a newbie but I did eventually scp files into the right folders on the server after doing some experiments.

It’s funny the hardest part with moving email is figuring out how to tell Thunderbird to forget the old certificates. (Geary works once I removed and added it back.)

Once I am sure all is well, I am breaking up with the hosting company! :partying_face:


That is absolutely awesome, @Ai and congratulations!
Also know that if you ever find Thunderbird being a pain (it likes doing that with certificates every now and then), then consider Evolution, if you’re running Gnome. The only trouble with that is to make sure that it keeps the messages for Off-Line viewing. That’s under each account’s settings. Otherwise, it just re-syncs everything and it can get slow.

Again, bravo! :smiley:

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