Mobile to Mobile without Cell Tower Connection

About 20ish years ago there was an app that would allow direction connection between phones without using the network towers. It was developed in Australia so that when people were lost in remote areas without coverage this app would talk to other phones with the app and it extended coverage. The app would create it’s own web of access. All that was needed was that the phone must have a SIM card for it to work regardless of whether it had credit or not. Calls and text were able to be made without network connection. When I was in Canary Islands a few years ago this app was still widely used by locals. Does anyone know the name of this app so I can use it as it was fantastic…???

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The only thing which comes to mind is Voxer, although I don’t think it fits the cool criteria you describe. I used it years ago with my son, just for fun.

Thanks Narcosis for your reply but it’s not the one…
The one I speak of turns phones into their own network and the whole city can use it if they are in range with each other just by using the phone without any credit with the carrier, as it does not use the carriers network. The more people using it the wider the coverage and you just use the phone as if you have a carrier…
Thanks anyway,

Sounds like a very cool idea for preppers. Maybe someone can develop a similar one, especially with the way the world is now.

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I was hoping that someone remembered this app. As this site is predominantly American the app probably did not reach there. It is a perfect app for these current times…

Have you thought of HELIUM mobile service provider which claims to do the same thing?

Thanks BerniePi,
What I am talking about is just phone to phone without a third party involved. It is just an app that allows your phone to communicate directly with and or through other phones without extra hardware and not using a tower.

Sounds like a variation of a MESH network. Considering the timeframe you are talking about, they were probably analog capable phones and that is how it worked (maybe, just guessing). I have not heard of anything similar. There are devices that will create a MESH network and allow texing and such, but not voice, from what I recall.

Hi Mcron,
this system allowed text, voice and data… It was developed by Australia’s CSIRO I remember. I have searched and searched but can’t find it. I will probably have to go back to the island of Teneriffe, Canary Islands where it is widely used to find it again…

Have you found the name of the app, yet?

Unfortunately no. It’s so frustrating…

Darn!! Keep looking please. I will try as well. This sounds like an excellent opportunity to get off the grid permanently

I will keep looking because in the world now we need it more than we ever did. It the Governments close down the phone and internet this system will still work…
Perhaps I will have to travel back to Teneriffe, Canary Islands again.

Try the Briar app. It does phone to phone over Bluetooth and WiFi mesh network.

I haven’t tried it. Rob Braxman mentioned it a year or two go.

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Bluetooth and WiFi range is very small, perhaps 10 meters maximum distance. The system I am talking about is hundreds of meters…
Thank you anyway…

What make and model of phone were you using?
Was the app called Libon?

I have no idea what phone I had at that time…Perhaps a Nokia. And no, it was not Libon…It was phone to phone direct without cell tower or providers being involved at all.

Was the app called Mobinet?

Sorry but No…
It is phone to phone, no tower or providers…
Regards, Ray

There’s a discontinued app that’s called ServalMesh which was used in Australia, Africa and other places that hardly had connectivity. Here’s the link for what I’m reading: 4 Apps To Chat And Text With No Internet Connection Via Mesh Network
I hope this helped you.