Mint 21 ubdate and Telegram glitch

I recently updted Mint to the latest version of v21. Since then my Telegram app does not sync. I have to close Telegram desktop and open it back up to get the current posts. Any info on this would be greatly apprciated.

Have you tried also updating Telegram, or clearing the cache (close Telegram, navigate to the Telegram configuration folder (usually located in the home directory under .telegram or .config/telegram-desktop), and delete or rename the cache folder. When you restart Telegram, it will recreate the cache.)

Thanks for the reply. I uninstalled and re insrtalled Telegam with no change. I tried finding the config folder but the .Telegram wasn’t in the home folder. Wher eles may I look for it?

hmm maybe the home directory under the .local/share directory.

What version of Telegram are you running?

I had some more issues with Mint 21 so I wiped clean, reinstalled and Telegram just updated to the latest version which all appears to be working fine. Thanks for your intrest in helping me.