MaruOS, another Open Source Phone Distro

MaruOS might be another phone distro to consider.

Use your phone as your PC (phone to monitor convergence). Unleash your mobile device with Maru, a context-aware, lightweight, open operating system that unites mobile and desktop computing.

Is MaruOS an app or does it replace my current Android OS?
Maru is firmware for your device, so yes, it will replace your existing Android OS. It’s a bit more complicated to install than an app. Your device will need to factory reset so please back-up any personal data beforehand!

Is Maru open source?
Yes! Maru has been open-sourced under The Maru OS Project. If you’re interested in building, porting, and hacking Maru yourself, check out our Developer Guide.

What is Maru Desktop built on?
Debian 9 Stretch and Xfce.

There are limitations on using convergence. It only works with some phones. There are several ways to do it, including an HDMI cable. Consult the FAQ for details.

Can I use Maru Desktop without an external display around?
Yes! You can enable SSH on Maru Desktop so you can easily access your desktop with any other computer on your local network, including your device itself from the Android side! You can also set up VNC to access the desktop graphically.

Maru doesn’t stop you from using the Google Play store, but it isn’t installed in the distro.

Might be another one for adventurous souls to experiment with.

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