Manjaro on 2011 Mackbook Pro

I installed Manjaro on my 2011 MBP and the OS was able to open but after installation it recommended that I restart my computer. I did and now it opens me up to a black window that quotes as follows:

Attempting to decrypt mast key…
Enter passphrase for hd1,gpt2 (384543bbdfe64f728a3ef6cbcdb094d3):

I put in the password thinking it was the login password but it gives me errors and goes into rescue mode, grub rescue.

If y’all can help me where I might have done something wrong please I’d appreciate it!

Hey @dagarza22!
When you installed Manjaro, did you select the option to fully encrypt your drive? If yes, then you must have put in a password that is separate from the password you have selected to login to your Manjaro.

I did but I checked the textbox to keep it the same. I’m thinking about reinstalling without encryption.

Since MacBooks can be a bit… unique in their responses, installing without full drive encryption would work better. If you still want to add encryption, you can then install VeraCrypt (VeraCrypt - Free Open source disk encryption with strong security for the Paranoid) and use it to create a container to store your sensitive files. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for everything! I reinstalled it without encryption and got everything going no problem! Wifi works and now I can mess around with it. I’ll probably look at what I should do after installing it.

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That is awesome! For anything you might need, shoot a new topic here and tag me with my username (@vasileios) :slight_smile: