Mac book pro with Linux already set up

Can I buy a MacBook Pro with Linux already set up? I am a newbie and need to buy a computer. I am an artist who has done lots of work on Photoshop on a Mac desktop at my work. I am retiring from my job now and need to purchase my own system. I’m thinking to buy a MacBook Pro laptop with a large screen monitor with Linux already set up. What would you recommend?

Hey @tlcook1 and welcome to the forums!
In general, there are no vendors that sell MacBook Pros with Linux pre-installed. However, I could be wrong.
If you do want a MacBook Pro, however, I would recommend a 2017 model, which does not include the T2 security chip. That will make it easier for you to install Linux directly.

Otherwise, you can look at companies that sell laptops with Linux already pre-installed. There’s a small list of those below:

If you want a beast of a laptop to work with, you can have a look at the one below, which is about to be released:

Or the already available: