Loop Device

I have suddenly acquired five new “disks”.

This was a result of removing Snap from my Ubuntu system. I did it primarily to stop Snap from messing with my Firefox browser. I now have Firefox (from the Mozillateam Repository) up and running the way I want it.

Then I noticed all the extra disk icons on my dock. I opened Disks to check out what was going on. Here is a screen shoot:

Can I just go ahead and delete these “files”?

Hey @Minty,
This is how Snap operates. It essentially generates virtual disks that are mounted each time you install and run a Snap application. My recommendation would be to re-install Snap and then remove all the applications it has on your system.

To find out which those applications are, once you installed Snap, execute (in terminal):

snap list --all

This will list everything that is essentially creating the loopback devices.
To completely remove them and their configurations, execute:

sudo snap remove --purge name_of_application

And replace the “name_of_application” with the ones that are installed and visible on the list you saw earlier. Then, you can remove Snap altogether, without having any residues on your system. :slight_smile:

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