Looking for Outlook on Linux

Just installed Prospect mail for Linux on my Mint machine. Installation was simple and it works like an old version of ICE. Props to Julian Alarcon for making this emulator. Anyone looking to switch to linux but loves their outlook you should give this site a look.


I’ve been using Thunderbird forever. If anyone is open to a new email client, check it out.

I use Thunderbird as well and it is my daily driver on Linux Mint. I would like to get the calendar integration working a bit better - I think I need to switch to a new calendar provider.

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Out of curiosity, what functionality are you looking for?

I want to attach to google calendar to start with with edit capability like I have been on the Android Calendar (Samsung) and the Apple Calendar App. Then I want to switch to another calendar server (or host my own) which I can subscribe to from my various devices. I just haven’t figured it out yet. Thunderbird used to have this ability with a plugin (Sunbird?) and I used that for a while, but, the main branch absorbed that ability and I never got it working quite right.

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Interesting… yeah, I can see that Google Calendar functionality being useful for a lot of people.