Looking for most mac-looking, mac-feeling distro with ubuntu

Newbie here. Ubuntu installed on my macbook 2010, and would like something a little more mac-like/looking. I am looking at budgie. Would this be installed from the command line in ubuntu already installed? Or is there one better than budgie? Thanks.

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Hello @mcclainra and welcome to the forums!
You can install the Budgie Desktop directly from the Terminal. First, hit your Command key to bring up the dashboard and type in “Terminal” without the quotes. Open it and type:

sudo apt install --install-recommends ubuntu-budgie-desktop

Input your password (it won’t be visible) and press Enter. Select “Y” and press Enter when it asks you. The process will take a little bit. If it asks you to select a Desktop Manager between GDM and LightDM, select the latter and press Enter.

If there is no such question, execute the next few steps to make sure that your Desktop Manager matches with your new Desktop Environment.

sudo apt install lightdm
sudo systemctl disable gdm
sudo systemctl enable lightdm

Then you can reboot. Once you reach the login screen, click on the icon on the top right from your password box to select your Budge Desktop.


Do I need to install wirelessly or with ethernet cable like I had to do to get wireless on after ubuntu install?
What is this? Desktop Manager between GDM and LightDM
Whenever I install something new, is that through the terminal? Guess I need to look up a video for more info. TY

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The moment you have internet on your system, then you don’t need to do anything. :slight_smile:
Per the terminal, I recommended it as you’re looking for a more specialized type of install. And installing a large group of desktop environment packages isn’t something you will find on the software (app) store. So, you only have to use the terminal for the most demanding tasks. Everything else works fine with the store (funny that I call it ‘store’ as everything in it is free).

Per the GDM & LightDM, those are the Window Managers and Login Greeters. They are the main backbone of the Desktop Environments, such as Gnome, KDE, Budgie, Cinnamon, etc. GDM stands for Gnome Desktop Manager and LightDM, well… it stands for Light Desktop Manager. The latter has support for a larger variety of desktop environments and consumes less memory as well.

Vasileios, so can this same idea be done with Zorin and the other Ubuntu distros?

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Successful install of budgie over ubuntu!! Sure looks more like a mac, to which I am much more accustomed. TY, Vasileios!


Yes, @Skinstitcher. Though Zorin has a Mac/Windows layout setup already built-in to its “Appearance” application. The Pro version has even more layouts to choose from to.

You’re very welcome, @mcclainra! Enjoy! :slight_smile: