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Yes, I believe you should be able to do that.

Keep in mind though, you may inadvertently remove something from the Android phone that Verizon requires to function. Also, Verizon is like the Apple of carriers. They tend to be very restrictive on the devices they provide service to.


Will sound like a ludite here but am 50/50 for going w/ a non-data phone. Have weaned off all social media apps via Mobile Phone. Have a couple of iPhone 8 vintage phones.

We have 3 laptops, desktop at home. One laptop is fully Linux w/ no remaining Windows (simple 14 inch HP). The other is dual boot. 3rd is a work laptop - they have what they will.

But we analyzed the killer features on cell - or killer apps. Really boils down to:

  • Take pics. That’s gone down as our kiddos are all 20s and not many grandkids, yet. Plus the mountain, ocean and other cool shots cry out for a rock solid camera. Old school or digital.

  • Garmin connect and online Bible apps. Can use desktop for both.

  • Financial apps - laptop

  • Telegram / email / other - laptop

  • Phone and text - yup - need a phone for it…

Yes, GPS is still tracked on a non smart phone. But appeal of NO wifi is strong.

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I have a Pixel with Lineage, but still awaiting my SIM… So excited!!! Maybe tomorrow?

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What is a good Voip phone app that is not owned by the Cabal? I just got a degoogled pixel 4 phone and want to do strictly wifi and voip for awhile.

I have an old, Moto X. It powers up and works on the wifi in my house. Is it possible to convert this to a Linux phone?

Is there a list of apps somewhere that would make my degoogled phone start spying again? I know FB, IG, TikTok,Goog, Amazon are bad.
I want to add Telegram, Hoopla, Libby, Overdrive, Instacart, Uber Eats or a food deliver app.

Thanks for the reply, I went and got a 32 gig micro sd card and installed Mobian on it but the phone won’t recognize it either. I’ve read that there is a recovery mode but can’t get it to go into that either.

You probably could, but you would want to double check the minimum system requirements of the OS first. The phone may not be able to handle it hardware wise.

Alternatively, there is which sells phones with their degoogled OS that has access to most of the Android apps on the Play store. Phones run anywhere from $230 - $450 i believe.

Theres also the PinePhone by Pine64. A Linux phone that is presently in beta for only $200.

General rule of thumb, if it’s free and not open source, odds are they’re making their money somehow. This usually ends up translating to mean that they sell your information.

As far as there being a list, I really don’t know. I did a web search and came up with nothing. Just know that open source usually means you should be good using it.

If you want to drive into it, there’s that will give you options you could use to replace popular apps. A lot of open source options on there.

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@Will has a pine phone. He might be able to assist you. I am not familiar with operating those.

Did you use software like Balena Etcher to Flash the Micro SD card?

After I booted up the phone for the first time I got a message that updates were available, so I let the phone update itself. Before the update my computer recognized my phone but after nothing. I don’t know about the micro SD as I hadn’t installed one yet.

Thanks again for your help

I’m pretty sure that should work. I’ve moved sim cards between different phones a lot with no consequences.

I have been looking at the OnePlus 8T phones. They come with the OxygenOS12 installed. I’m wondering if the (Android) OxygenOS is sufficiently de-googled or if I should consider flashing a Linux OS? I am reluctant to spend money on the phone if it doesn’t really serve the purpose of furthering my breakup with big tech. I also am not sure if this phone would be compatible with a Linux OS.

Oxygen is their flavor of Android. It is likely fully connected to Google Play Services.


Thank for responding @SBHX. So do you know if the OnePlus 8T can be flashed with Lineage OS or Ubuntu Touch?

LineageOS works for your phone (Here)

Unknown on the Ubuntu Touch front.


@Will What are your thoughts of the PinePhonePro? I just saw it today.

I have applied for the developer version of this phone. If I am accepted I will write a post about it. Currently it is not for sale for general use.