Linux OS Security

Hello. I just joined the group after following Jeffrey’s TG channel for awhile.

I’d like to wipe my Dell XPS 17 laptop and run Ubuntu on it. I do have some concerns about security, and haven’t seen much discussion here. Recent post on ITPro:

I would welcome anyone’s input on how security is handled. Thank you.

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Hey @Mandie!
Man, that’s the 14 post I wasn’t notified that existed. I scrolled down approximately 20 screens so far and I keep on going!

First, when you install Ubuntu on a laptop as a workstation or a daily driver, you need not concern yourself with backdoors. These types of exploits require that the system runs an SSH server, which is - usually - inadequately configured. This means it doesn’t apply to your system at all.

With Linux servers, it’s all about good configuration. When people utilize weak passwords or do not use firewalls or set up ports correctly, then they are at risk - as they would be on any system. Not that in order for any “exploit” to happen on Linux, the attacker must first gain access to the system. Having a strong password, a different SSH (other than 22) port and a firewall active mitigates those risks.