Linux mint

Hi, I have installed Linux Mint on a refurbished Dell laptop, Macbook Pro, and an Imac. aall three machines are running better than new I think. I have now installed it on a Gateway with an
AMD Duel,-core E1-1500 APU
Radeon HD 7310 graphics
500GB hard druve
6GB DDR3 ram
and this computer is running better than it was before the install, but is a lot slower than any of the other computers. Is there something I can do to speed it up or should I just try an other linux version? I have Budgie and Zorin downloaded to pen drives that I can try or are there better options I should try first. I would like to stay with linux mint but it certainly is not a requirement?
Thanks, Rich

Mint was a little “clunky” for me, so once I got use to playing with Linux I switched to Zorin 16. Works great, looks clean, the speaker/camera didn’t work on Mint without fixes, work find from the start. I have it on a very low end Chromebook.

Thanks Ai, I have a copy of Zorin downloaded to a pen drive so I will give it a try.

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