Linux Mint loop

I’m not good with computers but I was able to install Mint and it worked fine, until I realised I should have enabled automatic log in. Couldn’t figure out how to do it but found instructions on Got to the last part where it said ‘linux@linux:-$ reboot’ and pressed enter. A blue screen came up with a log in box. Tried to put my password in - screen went blank, then came back, then went blank - and on and on. Now I can’t figure out what to do.

Hi @SamandBlue ,
I did a quick look. Here is a link to a Linux Mint Boot loop. You may have to reboot from the Live USB again and repair your installation.


Hi Caleb_Christian, I’ll have to create another live usb on Monday - I don’t have another computer to use.

Problem solved. Thanks

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Great, did you get the info from the article? How did you solve the issue?

I read the posts but it was over my head. I just followed your suggestion, got another usb and reinstalled Mint. Thanks for your help.

Hi @SamandBlue,
Sorry you had to go all the way to do a reinstall. I will try to be a bit more specific next time around. There are so many variables to start with and it takes time to get used to them, especially with sticky problems like a boot loop.

Hi Caleb_Christian, that’s ok. It’s all part of the learning experience. I’m just happy I finally got rid of windows. Thanks again for your help.