Linux for Lenovo Thinkpad X131E

I need a Linux Distro to run on a Thinkpad X131e that can be installed with no problems alongside Windows. I had to switch the hard drive on this laptop since the old hard drive was going bad.

Then I need instructions to begin transferring programs currently running in Windows on this laptop over to Linux. Or at least a way to run them alongside Linux.

Pardon if this question has been answered before. Feel free to point me in the right direction.

installed alongside Windows?

do you mean you want to set up your laptop in a “dual-boot” configuration?

That was a possibility that crossed my mind while I was learning how to use Linux and some of the associated programs and drivers I may need. Never tried it so I really don’t know but I suspect there are some downsides in addition to some advantages.

It looks like the Thinkpad X131e has 4GB of RAM and about 300GB of disk space.

You might be able to set it up to dual-boot both Windows and Linux but you will be pushing the limits of the available resources and you won’t have much space left to install programs when you’re done.

Probably a better idea to choose one or the other as your O.S., it would run quite well as a pure Linux machine.

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Thank you for that information. It looks like I will have to go with Linux in some form on the laptop. I can run one of my scanners using the desktop until I can find a Linux driver that can be used. The other things can be sorted out over time.