Lineage OS and Telegram download for Android from Website

I’m using a Motorola G7 Plus that I got from the store loaded with LineageOS 18. Telegram came pre-installed and must have been pulled down from the Aurora store since I’m seeing that some Telegram posts are “not permitted” from downloads from Google Play. So, last night, I deleted Telegram from the phone. I tried to download it from the Telegram website directly (to avoid the censorship issues), but I keep getting the message “requires storage permission to download.” I’ve searched everywhere, but can’t figure out how to give storage permission to an app that I can’t download. Anyone know how to solve this problem? Oddly, in the settings area I’m seeing BraxOS at the top of the screen. Not sure why it’s there, but it may indicate I’ll need to seek out the Braxman site to figure this out. Any ideas appreciated.

You may have to give the browser permission to access the device storage and/or ability to install apps. Search “permissions” in settings and check in the permission manager for the browser.
However, I would recommend downloading it from f-droid, which also comes pre installed from its called Telegram FOSS


Thanks for the suggestions. I did give the browser permissions to install after download, but, apparently, that is the last step needed after downloading telegram. Since I couldn’t download it, that particular permission didn’t help. I’ll look again at the other potential permissions. I also tried to download Telegram FOSS and the phone wouldn’t accept the download last night. However, after reading your suggestion, I gave it another try and it downloaded this morning. It’s interesting that the f-droid store warns one that “you might not like features of this app.” Mostly, it seems, they warn against any app that has proprietary software in it. I’ll use it for the time being until I can figure out the other permissions. Thanks for your help! Appreciate your taking the time.

It seems to me that you may need to turn on permission to install unknown apps (not from Google Play sources). If that’s the case, and you may be able to determine if it is by turning on that permission and trying your situation again, then my experience shown below may be of help to you.

You’ll need to determine where, in your phone’s settings, that permission is located. If you don’t know where that setting is in your phone’s settings, you might do a web search for something like “where is install unknown apps found in Android [your version number]”. The response may or may not give that location for your specific version, as it didn’t for mine (9), but it may give you enough clues so you can find it on your version.

Since I don’t have a Brax degoogled phone, I can’t say for sure how it works for that setup, but in my standard Android Moto G6 Play phone, I have to turn on the permission to download .apk files, which is found under Settings, Apps & notifications, and then, at the bottom, Advanced, and, at the bottom again, Special app access, then low on the long list is Install unknown apps. (Google really doesn’t want you to easily find this setting!) And then it can must be turned on app by app (like for your browser or your file manager). If you want it on for several browsers or other apps, you need to turn it on specifically for each one. I keep it turned off for my browser, unless I need it some time, and then turn it on, and back off, after download. Since I use the Telegram version of Telegram, rather than the Play store version, and since Telegram sends automatic updates from time to time, I leave that permission turned on for Telegram.

I hope this may be relevant to your situation and solve your problem.

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Thank you for the suggestions. I’m still looking and you’ve given me some ideas of new places to search. Appreciate your time.

You’re welcome. Since that’s how installing “unknown apps” works in Android, I thought it might work similarly in a de-googled phone.

On my Android phone, I removed my Telegram Android app from the Google Play store and replaced it with the downloaded Telegram Android app directly from the Telegram website, Telegram for Android. My Android phone made me turn on permission to install unknown apps in order to do that, and keep that permission enabled so I could receive the updates from Telegram.

Now, when I’m working in Telegram’s Android app, I’ll be notified within Telegram that an update is available. So I OK it and it downloads it and installs it for me, with no intervention from Google Play.