Licensed Structural Software in Virtual Machine

I set up my VMware Player using a tutorial on the forum. Everything looks to be working fine. I am running Linux Mint 20.2 Cinnamon. I am running a structural engineering startup and want to get away from Microsoft. In obtaining my budgetary software price quotes, most of the software requires Microsoft OS (RISA, IES, Caesar II, PVelite, COMPRESS, Meca stack). I think this is OK within the virtual machine. One particular software Meca stack notes that their single user license will not work on a virtual machine and it must be a network license to run on a virtual machine. Since I am a newbie, does this seem right that a company can do this with their licensing?

@PJ that is a great question. Let’s see what @vasileios thinks. He is a wizard and I know he is kicking himself to see that this post did not get answered. If you are still having this problem, he will be happy to help. Cheers!

Thank you for the tag, @BigDaveAZ!
I have noticed that the forum sometimes forgets to notify me of new posts. I know because I keep a close eye on its counter, and early this week I spotted several posts that I was unaware of (and wasn’t notified of).
To answer your question, @PJ, for quite some time, data-centers have been using virtual machines in their infrastructures and licensing software directly in them (for example, the majority of VPS systems out there are virtual machines with pass-through options). In short, yes, you can do it perfectly well - and if you ever need to remove the license and assign it somewhere else, I trust that is viable too, as I have personally done it.