Librefox and Linux Mint

On the JP Tech Chat yesterday, someone mentioned Librefox as a fork from Firefox. I wanted to give it a try, so I went looking for a download site. I can download it, but I can’t seem to add it or install it. I can’t even extract the files I do download. I know Firefox comes with Linux Mint, so I tried to find the files for it on my computer to see if I could discover some way to add it there. I searched for answers to my questions online, but can’t find a clue (or, at least, can’t find any that I can recognize). Anyone have any idea how to get Librefox to install or launch on Linux Mint that is already running Firefox?

Hey @famcoll!

I think what you’re going after is LibreWolf. LibreFox is an HTTP watcher tool for devs and server admins.

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Well, isn’t that a wonder! Thanks for letting me know. I wrote it down entirely wrong. Appreciate your help.