Lenovo ThinkPad T430U blank screen

Looking for a lil laptop hardware guidance…

My wife’s Lenovo had a broken back cover lid/ hinge so I replaced the cover and hinges.

When I powered it back on after reassemble I got an odd beep error code that I don’t remember precisely… Possibly 1-3-3-1. Typically relayed to ram module or MB…

During the whole deal I never removed the ram.
Battery, hdd, keyboard, palm rest. Hinges, split screen, removed replaced cover, reattached the LCD, Wi-Fi antenna, web cam, reinserted the hdd cable, all cables to MB etc.

Now after going back through all of it again I get no beeps on power on and only a black screen(no logo, post or Ubuntu grub splash, nothing).

I’d hate to replace the LCD and it be a MB. It has a ssd so I’m kinds ruling that out as well.

I have a spate LCD to MB cable that I’ll try tomorrow night and I’ll even try pulling and resetting ram modules.

Just looking for some ideas, darn thing was fine when I shut it down to replace the lid.

Anyway, have a good night, off to bed

Early bird catches the worm here.

Where were you able to find the replacement lid? I have a laptop that I need to do this with as well.

EBay. T430U lids are hard to come by.


I have looked before, and never found what I need. Thought maybe you had a special place to purchase.

A new lid from brave search wss about 160 usd

Does it have a port to allow you to connect it to an external monitor? That way you might get a signal that will give you a tip if there’s a screen issue or something else.

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It does and I didn’t think of trying that. Will give it a shot this weekend

ok, Saturday update. I attempted the HDMI connection and powering on, still no display activity, no beeps, just simply the power on light. Swapped ram modules andtried again. Since its and SSD I cannot hear the HDD spin up and the fan does not seem to spin up.

I’m going to tear the whole thing apart, clean and dry all the contact cables, ram modules, wifi, SSD and probably replace the cmos/mb battery while I’m in it.

Really starting to lean towards a dead MB…


After all that I still got nothing out of it, no beeps, no screen activity for POST etc.

I have decided instead of buying a MB for $100 to purchase a used working like model.

Will first disconnect battery and swap SSD before I attempt to boot.

Thanks for your suggestion and time.

That’s quite the process you’re have to undergo. By the way, the SSD is composed of chips, so there’s no spin-up process (that’s for the HDDs only). SSDs start instantly.

Your decision to get a working model is the best. There might be some hardware damage inside your system, which could get really messy if you attempt to repair it - unless you have the experience and the tools for it.

I’m “technical” but not diving that deep… I’ll replace MBs but a $100 for a new MB, $60 for a screen etc… Might as well just buy a working used model and swap the drives(I put the SSD in for the longevity over standard mobile HDD just because of no moving components.

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Indeed. An HDD is good for long-term backup - basically copying files and leaving the drive alone for a while.