Learning Linux

Greetings from the Netherlands. I’ve been using Linux Mint/Ubuntu for the past 4 years on and off. But can you really use only Linux and ditched Windows forever? Help me please :pray:t5:



I certainly believe it is entirely possible, as I have accomplished this myself, but it will all depend on what work you need to do with your computer.

Make a list of all the programs you use on a regular basis and note the ones that are a must have. Then you can see if there are any FOSS Linux alternatives for those programs to try out when you are ready. Some people have been also successful running special windows programs in Linux using an emulator like Wine.

Once this list is gathered you will need to decide on how you are going to try out these new programs to meet your approval. You can use either a second computer (or second hard drive) to load Linux on it, or if you have enough free space create a dual boot machine with both Windows and Linux.

Remember to always make backups of your data just in case something does go wrong with your Linux install if you are using your current disk drive.

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I stopped using Windows some time ago, even for my most demanding aspects. If you do want to make a transition easier, you can still install Windows via Virtual Machine (I found that VMware has the best results) and ruin it from within Linux.

Also, thank you so much @mva for your awesome input!

With MS Office now available on the web with Office 365, most people can actually switch to Linux. Also, as already mentioned, with VMs being so easy to run, that’s another option for more experienced users who have to have Windows - run it inside a native Linux box.

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