Learning Curve and Skills: from 0 to hero

Hi all, I see that the community is quite heterogenous and there are quite many nabs out there but also quite the advanced people. I would love to develop a “learning tree” that anyone could start researching on to be able to create an own enviroment, depending on individual needs, that allows for almost total anonymity and privacy from big tech.
a such tree, as far as i understand, will be quite complex and full of different topics. For starters like me it should be looking more like:

 -learn basics of linux os        -instal and run 3 diff i.e Zorin/Lineage/Archlinux

  -learn how email clients work    -how to create safe email systems and how to categorize your data(i.e conversations via xmpp, use safe clients, dont use imap but rather utilize it via POP3 by sharing certain text folders)

etc etc. Since i myself am a nab i cant go more into detail but the list should not include too much infos. Rather it should be a type of topic empasis to help people start looking and reasearching on their own. Of course anyone could then create further detailed topics on the forum to really go deep but as a starter i believe thats super important and will help motovate those who already have such a heaadache like me:P I started studying IT just to be able to grasp big techs power and liberate myself from it. Though I come to realizatio(slowly) that it is hardly possible at all as an individual. We need communities and companies that do the operational stuff for affortable prices(and sustainable solutions!).
I do not even know how to categorize things atm but i am sure there is someone like @vasileios who could give some hierachical ideas.
I found a suggetion on this forum to check out Brax’s videos and already that alone is just gooold worth. He really splits things down well and explains them for noobs like me in a great way to understand!


Hi @Cronos! I love your idea! As hard as I want to, I have to admit that often I am quite overwhelmed and just feel stupid. Promise you, I‘m not! :wink:
Looks like you have found some good stuff already. Could I possibly have a link to those videos you thought were so helpful?
Many thanks :blush::+1: