Laptops under $200

I want to buy a laptop under $200 to install Linux. Do you have any suggestions? Links?

Hey @elglenn!

I found this refurbished Dell laptop on Newegg.

Keep in mind that for that price range, you probably won’t get any bigger than 11.6" screen.

There are many other options, but it is usually best to go with known brands. Dell is very good.


Hey @SBHX, Ok, thanks for that. Do you advise against Chromebooks? It seems that they can be a little fussy with installing Linux and I’m looking for a seamless process. What are your thoughts? Thanks.

Me and one of the other admins have been working together on getting Linux on our chromebooks. It is quite a headache. Not advisable.

Another good source could be ebay. Here’s a quick search I did: linux laptop | eBay

Make sure you pay attention to the description. Did see some non-Linux machines in that search.

Tks for this information, I am also considering a Dell, I do appreciate the recommendation…blessings…

I haven’t seen many people in the community use old Mac laptops. What do you think about this idea? It seems that there are a number of 2010 era Macbook Pro’s out there available for under $200. Are these computers recommended for Linux installation?

As long as they have Intel CPUs, yes, they are very good candidates! Just keep in mind that there may be some post-installation work you may have to do in order to get WiFi working properly.

Craigslist? Thrift shop?

If you have a keyboard, screen, and a mouse hanging around, I’d recommend you grab a Canakit Raspberry Pi 4 Extreme, with 8GB RAM and a 128GB EVO ultra-fast SD card. That one is about $150 to $160. :blush:


Both are very good options as well! And @vasileios RasPi recommendation is also very good!

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Here is a site for used laptops.
USED LAPTOPS - Discount Electronics

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Nice! Here’s a good grab: Dell Vostro 3460 14" Core i5 Laptop Windows 10 Pro - Discount Electronics

I have a 2012 Macbook I intend on using once I get the backup done on it. I had the battery replaced and I bought a Lenovo to try as well. Once I get some of that done I’ll go with it. I have tried to make a USB Linux mint stick and upload it
w/out success so far.

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Thanks @SBHX! I just grabbed this Dell Vostro 14’.

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Awesome! Always remember: Research is worth every second! With the internet, the world is at your fingertips. Act responsibly! =)

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Thanks, that was the best one that works for me from what I found online.

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