Laptop running hot and loud

Hey all! Question for anyone who has ideas :smiley:

My 3.5 year old Dell Inspiron 15 7590 has an i7 chip, 16GB RAM, 512GB hard drive, and has had Linux Mint on it for almost a year.

Over the last few months it’s been acting more and more tired–running hot and loud. It freezes up sometimes where I can still see the screen, but I can’t move the mouse or use the touch screen. The only way to get back to what I was doing is to hold the power button down until it shuts off, which I know is not good for it at all. :persevere:

I am a fast, busy, multitasking type user that’s on my laptop a lot of the day for work and play. E.g., I’ll have a video playing while taking notes in a document, checking my banking, and/or playing a game of solitaire, two browsers and various little programs open (like a password manager), etc.

So, that’s my level of usage, but it was never a problem before, so I’m not sure what’s up.

At first I thought it was a one off glitch, but started noticing it more and more. So, I started watching the “System Monitoring Center” program to see if I could tell what the issue (a certain website, or program, etc) is, but nothing is standing out.

If I still had Windoze (boooo) on this laptop I would assume the OS was too heavy and that 3 years is as long as a laptop can handle a heavy, yucky system like that. I’d just sigh and go buy another laptop, but with Linux Mint I’d like to see if there’s a better way.

Perhaps the two years that Windows was on this laptop was too much for it? But again, it was running fine with Linux Mint for a solid 9-10 months, so I feel like it’s something else.

Any thoughts? :nerd_face:

I know it’s called a laptop but if f you use in locations other then on a clean desktop/table like surface you could be do for a cleaning… Even if you only ever use it on a smooth surface as mentioned, it could be due for a cleaning.

Laps, pillows, bed etc

The fan my be full of debris (dust/fabric lint an even pet hair).

If it persists, it may be time to replace the fan.


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