Laptop battery drain, looks like it may be a BIOS setting (!)

A couple years ago I bought a pretty kickbutt laptop, a Razer Blade. Since day 1 the battery has drained completely in 2-4 days, while being powered off and unplugged from the power supply. I just lived with it & thought it was “normal”. This morning when I pulled it out to do some work on it - dead again. So I did some cursory innerwebs searching.

There’s a BIOS setting to “Enable USB Charge Function” which was enabled from the factory. It turns out this is the culprit ( or at least I believe it is ). Configured this way from the factory. Setting this to disabled is evidently the fix, I’ll know in a couple days.

$0.02 worth. :slight_smile:


24 hours later 1% battery drain vs 30-ish% with the BIOS factory setting. Win!


@Narcosis Getting friendly with BIOS turns out to be a really valuable skill!
Admittedly I’ve just crossed my fingers each time I make a change to BIOS.
Enjoyed some EFI vs Legacy boot issues LOL.