KDE connect not connecting

My KDE desktop is not connecting with my KDE app on my DeGoogled Braxman Pixel 3xl phone. It just does not show up on either device. The VPN is turned off on both. I could not find any message about this on our board. Has anyone else encountered this? Thanks for any help in advance. Best Suzanne

Hi Suzanne, I am sure @vasileios can offer you the help you need on this.

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Hey @Suzanne!
I haven’t tried a DeGoogled phone yet. Is Bluetooth active on both devices?
If you are still encountering issues, you can always connect them via USB.

Thanks Vasileios, I was able to fix this by re configuring the ports. I have a good connection now.

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Hey, @Suzanne!
Bravo on fixing it!
I was running some tests last night and I discovered that once your compute VPN has your local network on a whitelist and your phone’s VPN has split-tunneling enabled for the KDE Connect app, everything works perfectly, without any issues.
Though I ran my tests on NordVPN, which means I’ll need to test on the private OpenVPN too.