KDE connect blocked by firewall

KDE connect works wonderfully with my degoogled pixel 3 phone, but only when I disable the firewall on my kde linux computer. Has anyone else had this problem?

@Suzanne are you still experiencing the issue? @vasileios may be able to help.

Yes, I have been turning off the firewall as a work around. Thank you for asking.

Hey @Suzanne!
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@Suzanne -
My apologies, again! This time I’m on a massive deadline for a promise I gave to an old friend over two years ago, so I have zombified myself this past month.

There is a way around this, as you can whitelist the subnet of your home to allow connectivity. However, the only time I encountered this issue was with when the VPN was active - in which case, I whitelisted the local network.

In order to add a subnet (local network) to a white list, first you’ll need to find your gateway - which is the IP address of your router:

ip route | grep default

The one that pops next to the wlp (wireless) - in case you are connected via WiFi - is the basis of your local network.

For example:
My default gateway is - so, my subnet is: or

The latter is usually the safest bet.
If your app on the phone has a default port it uses, mark it down. Once you have it, then type in (if you have UFW):

sudo ufw allow from to any port XXXX

Where you can put in your own subnet (I used my own, which is the and the port that your sync app uses. After that, you won’t need to shutdown your firewall. :slight_smile:

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