Just Begining

Looking to get into the Linux world.

Is there a resource where I can purchase a desktop, with no OS on it, so that I can install linux ?

And/or purcahse a Desktop with Linux already installed ?


System76 sells Linux desktops.

Before Fry’s Electronics died, I would have told you to go there and build your own system with no OS.

I don’t think there is many worries (except cost maybe) buying a system that you want to install Linux on and then install Linux. If you delete away all of the MS partitions on the machine before installing Linux, you should not have any issues. Make a backup of the MS, just in case you ever want to install it for some reason.



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Thanks Chuck

Im surprised no one sells them ready to go…

System 76 has a few and laptops as well, I just got One (laptop). Dell sells one with linux but it is expensive. anywhere else I would build at TigerDirect.com, NewEgg.com bare of OS and just make sure you have a linux OS that you want to use already on the flash drive ready to go and you should be golden.

New to this how do I get started?

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Welcome to the party, Annie1005 …
In my opinion … the best way to test the water is to dig out an older lap/desk top computer that you or some you know has put away in the closet cause they upgraded to a newer machine … or in the case of windoze … it was " MS Tuesday updated" :grin: and that was the reason it was sent to the closet … The point being is that older machines tend to be easier to switch over to Linux… also you are less likely to loose any thing important and can just reformat the hard drive and do a clean install… After you acquire a test subject and learn how to open the bios at startup to make adjustments … things that vary with different makes and models … Then start “Distro Shopping” to find the best fit depending on what you are use to and whether or not windoze or apple was behind you on this new road you are now on… Oh… also use the search bar above for threads on “distros” and “making a boot able flash drive” This Is where I started about two years ago …https://linuxmint.com/ so far I’ve put mint on eight of my family members computers, five of which are older than I am …

Oh my … just to be clear … not the computers … I’m north of 60 and five of the family are older … :smile: