Joining linode through a VPN

Signed up for linode and was rejected. One of the reasons listed was using VPN (have paid proton VPN active) was associated with illegal activity.
I turned off the VPN connection from the panel icon and none of my websites are reachable. Is that behavior unique to proton VPN or do they all work that way? Or is my setup broken because it should connect if VPN is off?

Hey @MacksM3,
Yes, this is a Proton VPN thing. Many people have faced this and I actually had to purchase a subscription with them to find out what on Earth is happening. As I found out, ProtonVPN runs two connections in parallel. Disconnecting the VPN only will cut off your internet. You’ll have to disconnect the “DNS Leak” one too.

In any other scenario, you can change the server you connect to and try again.

If that doesn’t work, then we can go for a temporary DNS fixing solution so that you have internet without VPN (until you reboot).

How difficult is it to disconnect the DNS Leak connection? And once I get the linode account setup can I connect and work on the VPS through the proton DNS?

I’m not sure about the Gnome desktop environment as I haven’t tested Proton VPN there. On KDE, the connection appears right on the Network Connections icon. So, it should appear at least under the Network Connections on your Settings.

The short answer is yes, you can.

Initially, I’d recommend trying to shift to a different US server and try to reconnect to your VPS provider.

I am using xfce desktop, there is a network connection icon in the system tray of my panel and under protonVPN is just one server listed with a chechbox to turn on and off. I do not see how to select a different server.

Hey @MacksM3,
From their support, the commands to change the server are:

pvpn -d

The above command disconnects you. Then execute:

pvpn -c

The above command will ask you which server you wish to connect to.

After I finish a few calls I need to make, I’ll go to the system where I have ProtonVPN installed and run a check for you. Meanwhile, please let me know if that helps. :slight_smile:

Thank you for that, I got en email this morning from their support with instructions for how to completely remove protonVPN, which I just finished doing. I am going to get my linode account setup and build my own vpn, putting protonvpn on the back burner for now

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I have root login of a debian 11 VPS at linode
type ls gets no results, I forgot what to do first

got wireguard installed
can the VPS run wireguard and OpenVPN at the same time?

do I need to create a new client for each connection on the VPS?

Hey @MacksM3,
Typically you can run both WireGuard and OpenVPN, provided you have them running on and listening to different ports.
Per the OpenVPN, yes, you will need to create a new configuration file. I have not personally tested WireGuard - as it’s still in development mode and it tends to have a few bugs that are being sorted out.