Issues Installing Chirp Software

Hey all,

I am running the latest version of linux Mint 20. I’m trying to install Chirp software package on it, but I am having issues. It says I am missing dependencies, but every time it tries to install the dependencies it tells me that its not able to install them.

They are python dependencies so I’m not sure the issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve included screen grabs below.

Thanks in advance,

Below is the chirp install error:

This is an error I get when I tried to install one of the dependencies:

Hi @Marty!

Firstly, you may need to install python3 and/or pip in order to resolve the installation failure.

Secondly, it has been mentioned to me that PPAs are not the best to install on your system as they can cause issues.

Thanks @SBHX, I will check that out. I thought I had python3 installed, but forgot I removed it while doing another install.

I’m pretty new here, what is PIP and PPA? Thanks.

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Hey @Marty!
PPA is the repository, like an address that attaches to the sources database and acts as an area where you retrieve packages from. :slight_smile:

As for PIP, it’s a Python installer that acts similar to APT. You can install it by typing:

sudo apt install pip3
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