Is Samsung A12 able to be linuxed?

I bought a Boost Samsung A12 a few months ago. Big mistake. I’ve looked but cant see if I can install a Linux distro on it. Anyone know?

I have a Samsung Galaxy A20 and researched degoogling it awhile back. While I can turn off a lot of things on Google and also on the phone, I cannot degoogle it 100 percent.

I believe that Lineage OS is only for the A3, A5 and A7, so I’m stuck with my A20 for now with no way to access the root.

Its memory is slowly being consumed by Google and Samsung forced updates, and I expect it to die suddenly one day for no reason, just like Windoze did to my laptop - that now happily runs Ubuntu and has oodles of memory.

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Same here. I’ve had this piece of junk for 8 months and now I get daily warnings about storage full - delete something. I barely have anything installed and a few pictures of my dog. I have a I have an 8gb sd card in that phone but cant move anything to it. Really disappointed in Samsung. I used to be a big proponent.

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I did find this on a developer forum - how to root the A20 -except for mine! My model number, the A205U, is not able to be rooted. Yet.

You might check out this link and see if they have a root tutorial for the A12:


[Root] [TWRP] [More] Android 10 (Q) Complete Guide for the A20 (A205xx) | XDA Forums

Samsung can be tough, but it’s not impossible. I would suggest checking on the XDA Developers forums here

Best of luck

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