Is It Possible to get my GPS software onto Linux

I have installed and love Linux on my optional computer but need to be able to install my GPS software onto my main computer so I can wipe windows and Bill Gates from my life. I need to be able to run [BaseCamp™ Software]( Mr V. is it possible?

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Hey @vapor!
I was looking at their website and they have it for Windows and macOS.

At this point, I’d say that you have three options:

  1. Install the WINE compatibility layer and try to run it as a Windows app (you can check the results people have with it here: WineHQ - Basecamp Current)
  2. Install VirtualBox or VMware Player, install Windows as a Virtual Machine and run BaseCamp there
  3. Choose one of the free alternatives you can find below:,looking%20for%20a%20specific%20functionality%20of%20Garmin%20BaseCamp.

I am not familiarized with the specific software, but I do use NextCloud that includes a number of GeoTracking (only for you, not shared with any companies) and GeoTagging.

Your help is greatly appreciated. I need this for boating and it’s lobster season soon. Thanks again.

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