IP Address

I am needing to set uo vpn and vps; however, I do not have an internet service provider for my laptop. I use hotspot from my work device or my tablet.

I am an over the road driver and need to know who I would use for ISP or can i use the ip address in which i use for hotspot access?

Any guidance is appreciated. I tried asking on JP’s technology chat but was informed thats not where to ask questions and i emailed support with no luck. I have been a member since last year and i seem to not know how to navigate the system for help

I understand that you are using a work device and/or your tablet for internet connectivity.
What, exactly, are you trying to do with a VPN and/or a VPS?
Are you trying to connect to an already established VPS or trying to create a new VPS.
Same for the VPN, connecting or creating?
More details really help.

Tryin to set up new vpn and vps

Are you following some tutorial or guide? Are you setting this up on a server that you own or rented server space?
Without details on EXACTLY what your are wanting to do then I have no idea what to tell you.

I am watching jeffs tutorials. Im sorry i just thought it kinda went without saying since this is jeffs forum. My bad. I just need to sign up and pay for one of his recommended vpn services ans sign up with one of his recommended vps services and i just know i need an ip address to start the vpn and i dont know who to use as isp on the road of if i can use the hotspot address instead of getting internet service provider

Thank you for the details.
After you decide which VPS you are going to use you will purchase it and then once you set up the server you will then have an IP address to go along with it. That is the IP address you will use to log in when you want to work on the remote server. Your VPS does not care which internet service provider you are using. It can be the hotspot from your work device or a hotspot from your personal device. If you have the credentials (username/password) set up and use them it should just work. I know you can set up ssh to use a private and public key pair but I do not know how that will work with a handheld device. I have never used it that way but on my computer it works well. So be sure to set the user and password to something you will not forget and use a good strong password.
I have not seen JPs turorials, unless they are posted here on this forum, but I will assume you want to set up a VPN on your VPS. The tutorials should give you the needed steps to accomplish that with setting up your VPS first. Is there a JP chat for the Linux classes? If so that may be a good place to ask questions or get help. I know there is one for the beginners Python class and the Intermediate Python class.

Thank you so much for taking the time :slight_smile: yes there’s a JP chat but there was no help and they directed me to jeff.pro email support but no answer. Yes I will be using ssh and I figured i needed the VPN first to connect my laptop IP address (where my personal information will be) to it but im very new at this so not familiar

Just to be clear.
If you are building a VPN (virtual private network) on your VPS (virtual private server) then the Server needs to be set up first. The Server doesn’t care what IP address you log in with as long as your credentials are good. The server IP address is the address you need to log in to so you can complete the set up. You will get the Server IP address once you have purchased the Server space. Take care to follow all of the instructions from the tutorial, in order, for completing the Server set up and once that is done you will build your VPN at the Server.
Take your time and have fun at it!

Awesome thanks again. Its hard getting it done on the road but little by little i will get it done