Instructions for adding KDE Plasma to Mint

Is there a link available for adding KDE Plasma to Linux Mint?


Open up a terminal and issue this command to install KDE

sudo apt install kde-full for the full version and all its dependencies


sudo apt install kde-standard for a lighter footprint and fewer apps

Once it is installed, log out and you should see an icon in the lower right side where you can then choose which desktop you want to use.

Here is an web page with the full details for more information. (Linux Mint is derived from Ubuntu)

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This forum is amazing! After sending my message I realized it was New Year’s Eve and resigned myself to having to wait a couple of days for an answer. In only hours a response came with full directions! Nowhere else on earth would this happen Thank you sooo much!

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Thank you for the kind words and very happy to have helped you with your inquiry.

Most of the credit goes to Jeff, Vasileios and the rest of the Jeff.Pro team for creating this wonderful movement. I’m just a frequent volunteer with a 40 year tech background who is more than happy to assist others when I can. It is my firm belief that a little kindness certainly goes a long way, especially when it comes to the pursuit of digital freedom.

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