Installing Ubuntu on a Chromebook

Hi! I have been trying to install Ubuntu on a Positivo Chromebook CH1190 specifications (esp. JERRY E25-Q8B-QZM-G4Q-47P, Memory type: DDR3L, Storage type: 16G eMMC 32 bit). I had found many roadblock in the way.

Any help! Thanks.

Hi HectorM!
This is an active project right now and I am collecting useful information. SBHX and I are collaborating and hope to post some useful information on this soon, and continue to do as we make progress.

Chromebooks are hard to research because there are so many different models, by different manufacturers, with different hardware and varying degrees of lock down. The most time I’ve spent working on my Chromebook has been probably 80% research, and 20% working with the machine itself. But we are stubborn creatures, and will not accept defeat!

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I have 2 HP’s I am working on currently. I agree with the 80/20 Research/Action ratio. @SBHX and I are periodically collaborating. It is my turn now to move the ball forward. I am committed to getting some good information together on this - just takes some time. I think there are a bunch of these things in the wild, destroying the privacy of our children and I would very much like to set them free!

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