Installing Think or Swim trading software on Ubuntu

I found an instruction on line to install TD Ameritrade’s Think or Swim software, it worked well except…

While running thru the installation process, it asked if I wanted to create a desktop shortcut and I selected ‘Yes’. However, after closing the application, the desktop icon is nowhere to be found.

Any ideas to get the icon to remain on the desktop?

quick little diagram … hope it is what you are looking for …

Thanks I.B. However, after running the TOS install, the desk-top icon does get stored there which is perplexing.

thinking that when installed and you clicked on add link to desktop it added it to the favorites
sidebar … which is as close to the desk top as you can get unless you customize it … which is do-able …usually you have to go through the steps above to get newly installed software into the sidebar … Mint Cinnamon is a distro that allows you to have icon links on the desk top right out of the box with out further customization …

Hi I.B. So far in my (limited) experience with Ubuntu, the ‘favorites’ would end up on the side bar which are under “Activities” which, is the side bar. When TOS was running after install, the desk-top icon did appear there. But, when I close TOS, the icon disappeared.

Hi I.B.,

Wanted to circle back and let you know I’ve finally figured out my issue with getting the desktop icon to appear.

I had to right-click on the file in its downloaded folder, open properties, and toggle the button at the bottom of the window for “Executable as Program” to the [on] position. Then, went to terminal and ran the command: sh It worked! See image.