Installing on a Chrome OS

Can Linux be installed on a Chromebook OS? Not very computer savvy here. Thanks in advance.

Yes it can, but depending on when your Chromebook was manufactured, it can be rather difficult. @Caleb_Christian and I have been attempting to get Linux on our HP Chromebooks, but have run into many roadblocks that have made the process rather frustrating.

If your Chromebook was manufactured before 2017, it should be much easier to do. But note that it will require additional work even after you get Linux installed. (i.e. additional drivers, troubleshooting sound, etc.)

I ordered one and what I can tell it was out in 2014. It’s a Dell Chromebook 11. Can I find the info here or elsewhere on everything I need to do? I’m not computer savvy but I can follow instructions.

2014 is good news for you! It should be easier to install Linux, but up to this point all the research I have done is pertaining to my specific model (they’re all a little different).

Your best bet is to do a web search for “install Linux on Dell Chromebook 11” and go from there.